Our Commitment to you the Parent

Reach For D*Stars Profile

Reach for D*Stars is a Pre-School and Enrichment Centre. We want to build an unshaken foundation for your child in order for them to have a self-regulation learning, to help them to climb to their next level of education confidently.

We apply Vygotskian Theory in our centre, which has been transformed into Key To Learning curriculum. This Curriculum provides students to have a basic toolkit to develop learning abilities and enable them to access all areas of human knowledge. This modules encourage your child to reach higher level of thinking.

Our teachers are mentors for your children in developing their critical thinking through playing and exploration in our centre. With their genuineness and caring, we want to put a blue chip of respect, love and integrity on your children’s future character.

We believe the needs of you the parent’s is vital to the contribution for your child development. Therefore, we will encourage and engage with you the parents in order to ensure the continuity of their learning at home. In our pre-school, we will keep you continually updated on your child’s developing progress.


We see children as individuals, and someone who has his/her own unique potential, which needs to be-explored, nurtured and encourage in finding their right strengths. We are accepting this uniqueness in every child and have an equal opportunity base towards gender, sex, racial and religion. Our enrichment centre is also open for children from other schools whom parents wish to work on developing one or two aspects of their child’s development through our programs. You can join us in afternoon sessions after mainstream school times!

Reach for D*Stars is located in a quiet peaceful complex, surrounded by lots of natural environment. It is away from traffic, although easily accessible for parents. We use indoor and outdoor facilities in our programs so children can freely express themselves.

Lastly, Reach for D*Stars is committed to taking part in preparing a good-strong character and personality for our next generation.

Be part of our programs; let your children reach for their true potential