Great Activities for Kids

We offer you these great activities yor your kids.
  1. Story Telling

    Storytelling is the oldest form of education. Cultures have always told tales as a way of passing down beliefs, traditions, and history to future generations. Stories are at the core of all that makes us human. Stories are ...

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  2. Arthography

    The Artographics programme helps young children to develop the skills they require both for writing and to express themselves creatively in art work. They have opportunities to develop the fine motor control and spatial awareness both tasks require. They learn ...

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  3. Sensory Mathematic

    Sensory Mathematics helps children to recognise and apply fundamental sensory standards of colour, shape and size. It enables them to begin to analyse objects and their relationships using culturally defined sensory norms. The natural world is almost overwhelmingly rich in ...

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  4. Construction

    Construction is a cognitive developmental programme. This programme is aimed to develop children’s abilities: to create a plan, articulate what they have planned, then analyse the structure of the buildings, analyse the relationship between the different parts and also use ...

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