Construction is a cognitive developmental programme. This programme is aimed to develop children’s abilities: to create a plan, articulate what they have planned, then analyse the structure of the buildings, analyse the relationship between the different parts and also use schema to visualize model they want to build.

For a long time, block play has been shown as an important part of children’s development in mathematical thinking, social skills, abstract thinking, creativity, and most recently literacy.

Through this construction programme in our centre, block play will invite children to learn how to use their mental tools to develop all those abilities.

Teacher will support children to develop their thinking to reach a higher level of thinking. They will be asked some questions to make them “a head taller than they are” through such questions: “Is there another way you could ….?”, “Will you be able to use different things to….?” As a consequence, from a very early age, they are invited to practice looking at the objects from different perspectives and to present more than one solutions to solve a problem.

Through this play blocks programme, children are invited to think carefully in setting goals, making plans, execute and evaluate.

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These skills will help them to become an Architect for their own life.

They will need to plan for whatever they want to build. Therefore, children are prevented to act on impulse alone.

The habits of setting goals from early years, preparing for all things they need before they execute their plan will also enable them become an executive on their career.

“Unit block play is for all children. It provides the experiences and strengthens the ‘character muscles’ that children need to become competent, persistent, creative, and optimistic members of our society.” — Schreiber. J, 2013